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Acrylic Display Design 

Integrate design into human nature and bring products into a leisurely situation.

Reasonably divide each section to show the natural charm of the product in the collision between luxury and art.The flexible use of points, lines and surfaces creates a comfortable brand texture for the whole environment,integrates the design into the products, and creates nature, taste and style.


Cosmetics, jewelry, watches and other enterprises have their own exhibition halls and make Exhibition cabinets to display their products and corporate brand image. If future enterprises want to stand out in this highly competitive market, the exhibition hall plays an increasingly important role in the enterprise. Therefore, the company needs to pay attention to the design details when decorating and making Exhibition cabinets.

 jewelry showcase

Boutique jewelry showcase

For fashionable and high-quality jewelry, it is important to pay attention to detail and texture. Reasonable display of customized jewelry display cabinets can make the space more exquisite. Simple and exquisite space can reflect the design of jewelry and reflect the dignity of jewelry fashion through complementary methods. Recently, it has also become popular to take simplicity as the theme or cross-border as the jewelry display cabinet design center, Use prop materials to reflect the sense of design or the original state of jewelry, and emphasize the jewelry brand culture.

Jewelry Display Design

Acrylic drawn design

Hand drawn design Hand drawn design is applied in the field of electronic and digital products. Concise, clear and professional. Mass production can be carried out after confirmation.
Hand Painted Jewelry Design Manual design is applied to the display and sales of jewelry products. Verabs is professional and efficient. 

Jewelry Display Design

Jewelry Display

Hand Painted Jewelry Design
It takes only about 15 days from design to shelf shipment

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