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Acrylic Display Project 

Cosmetics, jewelry, watches, boutique jewelry display racks, display cabinets, display stands and other enterprise units have their own exhibition halls. They make exhibition halls and display cabinets to display their products and corporate brand image. If future enterprises want to stand out in this highly competitive market, the exhibition hall plays an increasingly important role in enterprises.

The application of acrylic material is the main material and expression method of cosmetics display rack, watch display cabinet and glasses display cabinet.

1) Acrylic plate: 2) acrylic profile: 3) acrylic processing technology:

Acrylic board sheet

Acrylic board is mainly used for carving, decoration and handicraft production. Extruded board is usually used for advertising signs, light boxes and so on. PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy molding. Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining, thermal molding, etc. In particular, injection molding can be mass produced with simple process and low cost. Therefore, its application is becoming more and more extensive. It is widely used in instrument parts, automobile lamps, optical lenses, transparent pipes and so on.

Acrylic Bar Block

Plexiglass can be used to make bathtub, washbasin, dressing table and other products. Plexiglass bathtub has been widely used because of its luxurious appearance, depth, easy cleaning, high strength, light weight and comfortable use. Acrylic is the best new material to make sanitary ware after ceramics

It is especially used outdoors, ranking the top of other plastics. It has good surface hardness and luster, and has great processing plasticity. It can be made into various required shapes and products. 

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