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Glasses Display Rack 

With the personalized segmentation of the glasses market, shopping malls with large passenger flow and convenient transportation have attracted the attention of more and more glasses store owners. More and more glasses stores begin to blossom everywhere in shopping malls. There are still many differences between shopping malls and traditional street glasses stores. More attention should be paid to the decoration design. How can shopping malls be more attractive? The following sunshine vision glasses store decoration company will introduce it to you.

1. Determine theme

Before the decoration of the shopping mall glasses store, the theme must be determined first, and the decoration theme shall be determined according to the business district, the targeted population and the products sold. In addition, we should communicate well with shopping malls. Most shopping malls have certain requirements and regulations on decoration.

2. Brand atmosphere

Most of the stores settled in are well-known brand glasses stores, so we must do a good job in the brand atmosphere during the decoration design. The brand atmosphere is mainly reflected in the decoration style, door head, window, glasses display cabinet, light box painting, POP advertising, etc. if the brand atmosphere is done enough, it will naturally attract customers to the store.

3. Spatial layout

Since the rent of the shopping mall is much more expensive than that of the street store, most of the area of the shopping mall glasses store is not very large, so the space layout should be done well in the design, each inch of space should be used reasonably, and the excess space should be beautified on the premise of meeting the width, depth and passenger flow dynamic line layout of the glasses store, so as to eliminate the visual fatigue of customers and improve the grade and grade of the glasses store.

4. Characteristic decoration

There are still many styles to choose from. No matter which style you choose, you need to be unique, pursue fashion and personality, and conform to the aesthetics of young people. When designing glasses display cabinets and the overall style, we should pay more attention to the concept of space to achieve the feeling of full but not empty and full but not messy.

Glasses  Display

Glasses are small items, which are easily dazzled when put together. They need to be displayed by classification, level and focus. We must pay attention to reasonable zoning. We can't make the space too full and disorderly. We can't make the space empty and deserted. By making an eye-catching identification system, customers can know which area to go to at the first time after entering the store.  Glasses Display Rack, Glasses Display, Acrylic Glasses Display, Glasses Display Stands,

Glasses Display Rack

Glasses are personal belongings. During the decoration of the glasses store, it is recommended to consider providing some relatively private space to provide better one-to-one services, such as optometry, frame adjustment, etc.

Glasses are articles worn on the face, which need to provide sufficient trial wearing convenience. Glasses shops are equipped with trial wearing mirrors that are large and convenient enough.

The light is soft and warm. Focus on local lighting. Do not use the design of global lighting, which will appear that the store is very empty and the grade will be reduced. Leave enough space for the optometry room, the contact lens wearing area and the decoration of the glasses store. These two places should be designed more carefully than the exhibition area, which can better reflect the professionalism. Glasses Display Rack, Glasses Display, Acrylic Glasses Display, Glasses Display Stands,

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